1. The Female Gaze part 2: Foto Femme United The Female Gaze: Part 1 I put forth the idea that the female gaze is work made by women with a female viewer in mind. Images that explore the desires, experiences, and viewpoints of women outside of tightly structured gendered expectations, posing and male ego flattering. It is neither…

  2. The Female Gaze: Part 1 :: Foto Femme United

    You may have heard the phrase female gaze being tossed around more and more, but what is it? The more I read about it, the less I seem to know. It has been stated that the problem with describing the female gaze is that it’s often “defined by what it…

  3. Florence Biennial

    I’m excited to announce my participation in the Florence Biennial XIV 2023!

  4. Art Number 23 Gallery, Barcelona

    It was wonderful to visit a city as seeped in art as Barcelona AND have my work included in a gallery show at the same time! Art Number 23 Gallery had its group show on August 5th, 2022 with me and my good friend Maria Nikolis in attendance. If you…

  5. Stay Home Gallery

    So pleased to be included in Stay Home Gallery’s exhibition STILL [running April - June 2022]

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