My work is heavily influenced by my experience as a woman, gender imbalance and the general absurdity of modern life.

My enduring interest lies in the space between the human experience and reality. The intangible fuzzy cloud that allows us to continue forward as we rotate between functional ignorance and the horror of realization. I earned my B.F.A. in Photography at the School of Visual Arts, NYC

Before fully turning to art I studied English, Psychology and Philosophy at Flagler College and came away with a B.A.




Art Number 23 Gallery, Barcelona, August

Stay Home Gallery, Still, April

PhotoPlace Gallery, Traces, View book


Contemporary, Boomer Gallery, Tower Bridge London

Float Magazine & Shutter hub, HOW I SEE YOU


C*nsorsh*p Exhibition, Gallery & CO 119, Paris

Humble Arts Foundation Group Show, # 62 100% FUN

2019 & previous

Red Hook Labs Slide Slam @ FOAM TALENT

Humble Arts Foundation, Group Show #50 ‘Roid Rage

Humble Arts Foundation, Group Show #49 I Love Kanye

Mentor Show, SVA Chelsea Gallery, NYC, 2015

Visual Opinion, Spring 2015

Exposed Past, curated by Stacy Morrison, 2015

Afflatus, curated by Diana Egnatz, 2015

Pantoum, curated by Diana Egnatz, 2014

Self Portrait Salon, curated by Marlene Moura, 2014

Salon Show, curated by Nick Alciati, NYC, 2014

Quietus: Considering Transient Spaces, NYC, 2014

Choosey Artists Choose GIFs, group show, curated by Reed & Radar, NYC, 2014

Baked, Boiled and Fried, curated by Ellen Wallenstein, NYC, 2013

Ourselves/ Our Selves, curated by Abby Robinson, NYC, 2013

Fall Group Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, 2013

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