The Female Gaze part 2: Foto Femme United The Female Gaze: Part 1 I put forth the idea that the female gaze is work made by women with a female viewer in mind. Images that explore the desires, experiences, and viewpoints of women outside of tightly structured gendered expectations, posing and male ego flattering. It is neither the opposite of the male gaze nor is it simply any work made by a woman. Women can and do, participate in the male gaze regularly. It is inevitable and unavoidable. The male gaze has always dominated how women were taught to view the world and themselves. Part of engaging in the female gaze is deprogramming, digesting, and deconstructing the language of our gendered values. Some artists have a knack for disregarding and/or challenging this indoctrination and creating some engrossing work as a result. Work made to appease a drive and vision, not to placate the amorphous blob of outside opinion. It’s in the disregard for the banality of the expected that the private becomes political.

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