Emily Rose Larsen

Love Song

Di Cheeky


Dial M

Just Another Madoona


Vanitas 01

Vanitas 02


Bathroom Beauty

Considers power differentials between subject, artist and viewer. By actively participating as the subject and creator, I am best able to control how I am seen. Through direct eye contact I can demand a place of power with the viewer. Too often women are depicted as passive entities. Objects to be excited by, fantasized about, played with, adored, desired, but hardly ever considered. What can a woman do to be seen outside of their object status? Each overly fantasized symbolic woman screams quietly behind a delicately depicted pair of lips. Although constantly depicted in art as subject, women are much less frequently celebrated in their roles as artists. It feels that there is no end to the scrutiny and restrictions focused on women as creators, whether it is bringing new life or new art into the world. We are constantly analyzed against subjective ideals of perfection that have grown increasingly unrealistic. I reject perfection. Perfection is a dangerous lie used to choke our imaginations and keep us feeling as though we are lacking. I reject the idea that women and men are so different as creations that they require separate handling instructions. If there is one place where women should be heralded and permitted to be seen in full complexity, it is in art. All the images are based off of self portraits I took in a photobooth, forced to stare directly into the reflection of my own eyes. It felt like a challenge. A challenge to engage in the dialogue. A challenge I now pass to the viewer. Reluctant Response is accusatory, demanding and unapologetic. It’s my silent scream behind tight lips. 

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