We are constantly bombarded with ideals of beauty. There is no lack of visuals to compare oneself too, especially in N.Y.C. We like to think we know beauty when we see it, or maybe it’s that we think we know what isn’t beautiful. Beauty Standards celebrates atypical ideas of beauty in the casual happenstance of everyday life. Each image is composed at random by the anonymous occupants of New York City. Despite the abundance of mixed architecture, unlimited characters, and non-stop motion surrounding me, the only thing on the streets that excites me are the trash bins. The residue of modernity. The chaos, the people, the place, the movement and endless drama is simplified in what is leftover and discarded. The compositions are violent and spontaneous and pointless. It’s the pointlessness that gives them beauty. A cacophony of color, shape and energy. In order to move further past our preconceived ideas of beauty, I have reinterpreted the photographs to reveal their fundamental shapes and colors. Beauty is everywhere, we just can’t always see it. 

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