Hidden Landscape is a color study inspired by the impending birth of my daughter. Visualizing a world with less contradictory values and ideas of womanhood. An environment more representative of women's experiences. The project is a vain attempt to alleviate my anxieties. Hidden Landscapes was shot using an infrared camera to reveal a world that just beyond the visible spectrum. A space that exists but we are blind to.

Infrared Photography

The human eye has adapted to our overly green environment to be more receptive to green light (activating more color receptors in the eye). Infrared light exists just outside of the visible spectrum but can be seen by many insects, goldfish, salmon, bullfrogs, and other various creatures. Infrared photography is captured by adapting a sensor to record low-frequency electromagnetic radiation (heat) and convert it to RGB. These images are actual images of infrared light. 

Using Format